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Anthony Brooks

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Featured Anthony Brooks

In his own words, Anthony Brooks says:
"I was born under the sign of Aries, birthday April 18. My favorite color is “blue” and favorite food is “meatloaf.” The animal I most identify with is what else, a “Tiger” (Tony the Tiger) and the car I think I most resemble is a “Cadillac.” A romantic evening is when I cuddle-up with a special lady in front of a fireplace sipping a glass of wine and watching old movies or will the movies be watching us by the end of the evening? "

If I were stranded on the beach for 30 days and had the choice to take one thing with me (excluding food, water and significant other) I would take my BlackBerry, not sure if it would work. If I had the opportunity to dine with one person, living or deceased, I would like to dine with Malcolm X and we would discuss the state or direction of Black America. My all time favorite TV show is “Sanford and Son” and movie is the “Godfather” series."

tonybrooks3"I have experienced so many special moments on stage but if I had to identify the most recent one, I would say it was when Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes performed at President’s Obama’s Red, White and Blue Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC in January 2009! My favorite Blue Note song is our signature song, the song used in President’s Obama’s campaign, “Wake Up Everybody.”

"My favorite time of the year is “spring”; it reminds me of the new beginnings and the work of the One who created the earth. Besides singing, I frequently workout. I love performing with the Blue Notes and working out keeps me in tune with the group. Given the opportunity to make a change in this world, I would change the education system and make it possible for everyone to get a good education. At no cost to the student, it would also include a minimum of four years of college."