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Rufus Thorne

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Featured Rufus Thorne
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 rufus thorne1Rufus Thorne says:

"I was born under the sign of Virgo, birthday, August 30. My favorite color is what else, “royal blue.” I enjoy eating, especially those juicy steak and cheese sandwiches. When asked the animal I felt I most identified with and I replied, “Panther” and car I most resembled, “Jaguar.”

"A romantic evening to me is when my date and I enjoy a quiet evening dining at a restaurant where the two of us order each other’s meal. After eating, we walk home in the rain getting soaking wet. Once home, we dry each other off and then let Mother Nature continue her journey not questioning the course she takes. If I were stranded on the beach for 30 days and had the choice to take one thing with me (excluding water, food, and significant other), I would take a photo album of family and friends."

"If given an opportunity to have dinner with one person, living or deceased, I would choose my deceased father, Rufus Thorne, Sr. Our discussion would include the current state of the world, our newly elected President and more importantly, I would ask him to explain to me why human beings are so cruel to one another." On a lighter note, my all time favorite TV show is the “Green Hornet” and movie is “Enter the Dragon”."The most significant moment on stage for me was when I sang my first lead with Harold Melvin, “Hope That We Can Be Together Soon.” I have to say my favorite Blue Note song is our signature song, “Wake Up Everybody.” "I love life itself and appreciate each day He sees fit for me to witness. If I had to choose a special time of the year, I would say it is late spring. It represents new life and makes it a little more evident what He is capable of creating."

"Given the opportunity to make a change in this world, I would make it a law where everyone had to first love oneself then love and respect thy neighbor as you would want him to love and respect you."